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UPDATED:  Jan. 29, 2024


Star Theater Horse World* is all about finding new ways to have fun with the virtual world of Red Dead Online (RDO) - and Red Dead Redemption 2.


We are creating several avenues to do this. You can pick what you like, and run with it.     

But the cool thing is, you can stay connected with RDO, yet enjoy some activities which might ....

  • Be outside of actual gameplay
  • Enhance the way you play the game
  • Provide enjoyable hobbies such as collecting RDO items such as Trading Cards, NFTs, or Properties !
  • Do some role play in RDO.  This could involve NFT's that can be used as collectible item cards in the role play game.  

And your gateway to explore the fun starts HERE.  

At the present time, we are on a hot track of building ST Horse World.   It's kinda like a Disneyland for Red Dead Online !

Read More About the Game HERE.

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( * Btw, we also go by the nicknames of STHW, STRP game, & ST Horse World )

We think that one of the greatest and coolest features of ST Horse World is that we are not in this thing for the money (although money is nice. LOL).  But our offerings are unique because you don't need money to get involved.  We hope to keep it that way.  Some Properties and NFT's will be available for free, meaning for no REAL LIFE currency.  Plus there will be many opportunities to win free Properties, NFT's and in-game currency, and to EARN them, too. 

So please stay tuned, there is much more to be revealed, and this text is just a place holder. much more info to come.  And we need your help, feedback and your IDEAS.  Please do not hesitate to let us know these by sending a message HERE


Who are we?

We are operated by a non-profit 501(c)3 org.  But hold up - before we tell you the name - we want you to know that some more important points:

  1. Our main reason for developing this game is to help others to continue to have good fun on RDO and to help them get hooked up with free NFTs.  We think this is a great idea for many reasons.
  2. We believe RDO is an extremely resource-rich place and way to have good clean fun. The vast array of things to do goes wayyyyyy beyond what is offered by Rockstar. So why not use it?
  3. We donate 10% of our profits to Other Charities.  At the time of this writing we will be donating to help the war victims in Ukraine.   Please note that at the time of this writing, we have no profits. Our operating expenses are greater than our profits.


What is the name of our parent company?

We are The Freedom In Jesus Worship Fellowship,  a non-profit church registered in the United States of America.  We are a very small home church.  But please don't get us wrong - we are not going to push Christianity on anyone who gets involved. Rather it's kind of like the Bingo nights run by various churches.  We just want you to have fun.  We do have some Christian-based rules that are basically focused on integrity and honorable behavior.  We hope to also host church services and prayer meetings inside RDO.  But that is about as far as we go.   We don't expect anyone to claim to be a Christian to play in our game. All religions are welcome here except for white or black witches and Satanism.  

Find out more about our church here:  

Freedom In Jesus Worship Fellowship (on Facebook)


- Star Girl Forever


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