Horse Trading & Breeding

A big important activity in the ST Horse World is buying, selling, and breeding horses !   Of course !!!!

Last Updated: Oct. 16, 2023

THIS FEATURE IS COMING SOON.  (We're working on it !!)

In summary, you own horses and, in our world, you can do many things with your horse, similar to what you can in the real world. 

  • Each horse is unique, and cannot be duplicated. Why? Because it is an NFT, and it's existence, as well as it's true owner, s stored on the blockchain.  Click to learn about NFTs.
  • Your RDO* horse can also be become an NFT.  And you can do anything you like as the aunthenticated owner of that horse! 
  • Breed your horse. Our horse breeding program provides a service where your horse is virtually bred to another horse, and a baby horse is born. This new horse is an NFT, and now has a pedigree.  It can be sold, or given away.  
  • If you have a mare and a stallion, our service can breed them for you to produce a baby.  If you want to use this baby in RDO, let us know ahead of time, so we can make sure it is within the colors provided in RDO. 

* = RDO stands for Red Dead Online. It's a super popular video game where you free roam in a vast realistic world, circa 1895.  It is the multi-,player version of Red Dead Redemption 2.  There are over 60 million players of this game. 



  • RIDE your horses in the realistic open world of RDO! Click to see it on video
  • You can own your own horse trading/breeding ranch in-game.  Give it a name, and even register a member account for it, if you like.
  • Plus you will be able to buy and own property in our game.  This feature is still in development. But essentially you would hold deed to one of the farms in RDO.  Or, your ranch might exist virtually in your profile.  This would mean a ranch map showing buildings, interiors, exteriors, etc. And you would be able to add more buildings, do improvements, etc.

IMPORTANT:  You don't have to be an approved Role Play Member to participate in Horse Trading & Breeding. However, if you wish to do so in the Role Play environment, you do need get approval as a Role Play Member.

We have many goals to grow this.... but in the near future, you will be able to do the following.  And please note ALL HORSES ARE ALSO NFTs.   Each horse NFT is unique. 

  1. Buy, Sell, Give, and Receive Horse NFT's
  2. Buy Pregnant Mares, bred to an NFT stallion. The baby will arrive between 1 and 21 real time days after the transaction takes place. The baby will be un-named - as the new owner gets to name the baby.  The new baby, when born, will be minted as an NFT at time of birth. Each time she is re-sold, she is pregnant with a new baby by that same stallion.
  3. Buy a Mare with her New Baby Foal.  Each time the mare is re-sold, she comes with a new baby by that same stallion.
  4. Buy Breeding Service for Your Mare.
  5. Trainings and Updated Bio's such as Horse Show winnings, new babies born, etc.. These will be released as NFT updates, and some can only be matched to specific horses. 

Please see DF Toby as an example of what a Horse NFT is like. You can view him HERE.

Role Play Game Rules

Welcome to the Star Theater Role Play Game.   Our Horse Trading & Breeding Guidelines are not yet published, but coming very soon. We do have an intro to Horse Trading & Breeding; click here. Feel free to send a message if you want to be notified when these are published



Our world is called Star Theater Horse World.  It is a different place then the world inside Red Dead Online (RDO), though we play it using RDO.  Our citizens are the member players of our Role Play Group.  While in a RP session, there are rules and laws of the land.  The first rule is to follow these rules.  We have tried being easy-going and lenient and find that we end up with chaos and frustration.  If you don't want to play by the rules, then this is probably not a good activity for you.  NOTE:  The below rules are in addition to the rules of our Discord Server.

1.  THE MAIN IDEA AND GOAL is that we are pretending and acting like the RDO world is like America was in 1897.  Most of the people were law-abiding citizens and lived upright lives.  Many of them were Christian believers, and tried to live their lives that way.     America at that time was considered a Christian nation and our RP community is founded on Christian beliefs.   RDO, in general, is founded on the idea that criminal behaviour is the normal acceptable way to be.  But not in our RP community.   So picture yourself in that environment and act accordingly.  

2.  In general, save fast gallops for urgent situations.  When trail riding - or going through town, be respectful of speed limits for safety reasons - even though they are not posting.  No racing to next destination. We ride slow and together 2 by 2 (side by side) or single file on the trails.

3. DO stay in character the total time you are in a role play session.  This means, dont talk about real life stuff, and don't discuss how this should work within the community.   We are actors in an old western movie.   Take out of character chat outside of the ROLE PLAY session.

4. DO pretend that you are your character. Stop and smell the flowers, take toilet ibreaks (n the bush, or some other appropriate place), bathe regularly, stop and eat lunch or dinner, etc... look at the views.   Enjoy the scenery, flora and fauna, and talk to the group and eachother about it.  Some of the add'l actions need some more pretend imagination to accompany it - such as taking a toilet break.

5. No griefing NPCs nor Players unless they attack us first.

6. Depending on the scenario, you can play the part of any character, either act out a character from the RP PLOT IR SCRIPT, follow the story of ur gaming character, or make one up on the fly for added drama and adventure. 

7.  At collection sites form a queue, get in line, and take ur turn.

8.  Please be courteous and helpful to make it a pleasant experience for everyone.

9.  Optional: Bring a date and stay close to him or her. But if someone else tries to "steal" them away, well playact ur reaction... like u can let them go and pick a new partner, or fight to keep ur date.

10. If a fight breaks out, no killing. Respond like real humans and stay civil. If someone is killed, the others  will take u to the sheriff. Unless u escape. But dont come back, either way. 

11. If u or someone is injured, others should take them to the nearest doctor for treatment.  (They may be bed-ridden for a time too. )  But do act it out, and sit down to rest, or tell someone u think ur leg is broken etc.  Others should show concern and go along with it.


-  If you are told u r handcuffed, then act like it.

- ONE OF US CAN ACT THE PART OF A LAWMAN, or do a citizen's arrest, AND TAKE THE DETAINEE TO THE NEAREST SHERIFF'S OFFICE.  Later, as we grow, we may be able to vote in positions such as Marshalls and Sheriffs.

- If an NPC shoots u for a crime consider yourself detained and off to jail.

- IF U HIDE FROM THE LAW, We can set our own appropriate bounties which must be paid off.

13. If u have to leave, please let the group know and walk or ride out of sight before leaving session.

14. If in a group, FOLLOW the designated leader and STICK TOGETHER.

15. Keep chaos to a minimum, as much as possible. NO Roping, hogtying, tea bagging, or horse play.  At least not in pubic. If you want to do that in the role play session, take it to a private place.  If you do it in public, expect to be reported to the law..

16. If any of us are attacked, then defend yourselves. But if it's the law, then submit. If you are wanted and choose to run from the law, that is your choice. But any of the citizens can choose to do a citizen's arrest.  If we are attacked by other players who are not in our RP Group, then treat them how you wish, but do so within the laws and rules of our RP Group..

17.  Rules will be strictly enforced. Players need to read the rules and state that they do agree to follow them.  If they do not, they will be suspended or kicked from ROLE PLAY.

18.   Role Play members must also join our community group on our website.  There is an application procedures which includes signing that you agree to follow our rules.

19.  The RP game is played with a variety of fun additional activities that extend the fun of RDO.   These are on top of RDO itself.  To do this you will need to utilize a virtual world tracked inside our community.  This includes the movement of goods and services in an economy using STRP game currencies, and NFT's.  There are additional rules and guildelines that must be agreed to in order to become a citizen of our community.  This community is at

20.  CONDUCT BUSINESS IN GAME.  Meet with pple in the RDO game to conduct business.  suggestions are:    around a campfire,  in a saloon, at a home or business.  A real nice place to meet is at a moonshine shack, where you can sit across the table from eachother as you talk

21. Later, as we grow, we may be able to vote in positions such as President, Governors, Mayors, Marshalls and Sheriffs..

If you have any suggestions for rules, please let us know by sending a message -->> HERE.
-- end --


** Star Theater RDO Game **


Last Updated: Oct. 29, 2023 

Star Theater RDO (STRP) is a game to be played with Red Dead Online (RDO). No other apps are needed (other than our companion site, which will eventially be available as a mobile app).

Wanna know a really cool reason to get involved? 

  • CUZ our game gives more opportunities to interact with other players doing a wide variety of new activities. 
  • Plus, there are several types of unique in-game currencies used, including NFTs (!!). So far, we have $STRP cash, gold, and Happiness Hearts.**
  • You can also earn $STRP, STRP Gold, and game item NFT's in-game.**
  • Get this!!!   RDO Property Ownership - will be our next big release.  Click to READ MORE.

** = NOTE:   These systems & the game are still in development. but will be available soon.   WE CAN SURE USE YOUR INPUT AND HELP ❣❣  Plus, We NEED PC players to test it and give feedback. (See Help Wanted List below.)

⇒ Learn more about BECOMING A MEMBER here. 

VISIT our Reddit Group and discuss ideas. 




Here is our Help Wanted list. Please note, at this time all positions are volunteer or commission-based.

  • Test Players
  • Discord Server Manager and Moderators
  • Designers - game and graphics 
  • Survey Takers
  • Board of Directors
  • Content Workers - to implement and create features of the game per the Designers
  • Security Guards
  • Script writers - can use any scenes from movies or books, or invent your own!
  • Ranker-Uppers (commission-based - earn NFTs, and maybe more)
  • We love to hear your ideas.  What would you like to see added to RDO?  Or what kind of role play activities?  
  • Security Guards for Events
  • Trail Ride Leaders 




ALL can participate.



Currently we are offering STRP events such as....

  • Trail rides
  • Parties
  • Ho-downs
  • Sport horse and barrel racing competitions



  • RDO Property Ownership - This beautiful feature will be released very soon.  Many are interested in owning a property in RDO.  Well, though RockStar is not offering it, there is a way to do it - by owning an NFT Deed to RDO property!  Check it out here.
  • Virtual Game Items / NFT Trading Cards -
    • Note: This feature is active now, but is in development.  You can buy NFT trading cards in both the Gift Shop, and at the RDO NFT Showcase
    • Do you have an idea for one of these items?  Let us know!  Members can create their own new gifts inside the Club Gift Shop.  
    • These are items from the Red Dead Redemption era, which can be bought, sold, or given to others. Either while playing RDO, or anytime, really.  Some are also NFTs, which adds value and incentive.  They can be collected as trading cards, or be an NFT investment. 
    • Examples - Jewelry, flowers, tools, decorations, clothing, furniture, covered wagons, horses.  Just about anything.  Even property ownership
    • Having more fun with RDO - This feature is one way to have more fun with Red Dead Online. 
    • Check out our NFT section to learn more.  
  • Horses. A big feature of our game will be unlimited additional horses!  More horse breeds and colors... can be used for horse breeding, selling and training. And also for an unlimited number of virtual activities.  
  • We are developing scripted "plays" which start with a script and then the players take it from there.   Such as a government research assigned to research alligators in LeMoyne. They need to hire helpers and local guides. The possibilities are endless. Scripts can be originals, or adapted from existing movies, books, theater scripts... they can be long, lasting days and days,  or short, like 1 hour.  They can be funny or serious, they can re-enact real-life events.  How about assassinating an evil dictator????
  • Different Worlds with Different Rules (high honor, low honor, etc.)

The game itself will eventually be open 24/7, once there are enuf players to warrant it. But for now we will play at scheduled or impromptu times. 



  1. Learn more about BECOMING A MEMBER here. 
  2. Join Our Discord Server by clicking here.
  3. The ST Horse World CLUB is where you can start connecting with other RP players, give gifts to players, or just keep track of your game money and valuables.    Enter the Club now..






DF Toby, Gypsy Cob NFT

THIS NFT image is part of the STRP game1. It features DF Toby, a 1902 Gypsy Cob stallion standing at Pronghorn Ranch.   Toby is black tobiano and is 15.2 hands tall.

Read more: DF Toby, Gypsy Cob NFT


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