Published Oct. 23, 2023

We are so excited about Star Theater Horse World and wanna tell you all about it..


 ST Horse Word:  Having fun with Red Dead ONLINE!


Yes!  That's right!  It's all about HAVING FUN WITH RED DEAD ONLINE !!!  

This site is inspired by Red Dead Online (RDO), which is the multi-player free roam version of Red Dead Redemption2.   Star Theater Horse World offers multiple additional ways to play RDO with MORE FUN.   

Btw, Star Theater Horse World is also known as STHW or ST Horse World. 





The Club where everything happens. This is where people can participate in any of our activities.  your personal profile and stats. However, it can be used in many other ways.  For example

  • It's a place to keep track of your valuables.
  • Add details about your RDO player - such as your story, activities, or milestones.
  • Network with other players and other RDO communities. to doing FULL ON ROLE PLAY.      Plus keep track of your valuables, such as $STRP cash (our in-game currency), STRP game items, and NFT's. 


We are currently in development, though some NFTs are currently available and The Club is open.


Soooooooo, please please please - feel free to have a look around. 


Have any questions?  - please don't hesitate to ask - & we also love feedback & comments...

      Best way to get in touch is via the Help Desk (submit a ticket), or use our contact form if you are not a member.


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